The Energy Beneath Our Feet

Flexible Carbon-Free Power
Unlike Any Other Renewable Electricity Source

The climate needs a HERO!

Hotrock Energy Research Organization (HERO) engages in collaborative and transformative research into the science and technologies related to Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) and other advanced geothermal energy technologies. We educate the public on the importance of such research in addressing societal issues of energy supply and climate change.

Benefits of Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Cost Competitive

An EGS plant has low,
competitive energy costs
between 5-6₵/kWh

Flexible Renewable Power

Zero emission, 24/7 renewable electric power that can “load follow” to support intermittent renewables like solar and wind.


Creates jobs and allows for
coal power plant and mine
workers to transition into geothermal plant roles.

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