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Benefits of Enhanced Geothermal Systems:
Job Generation

Job Creation
  • Planning and construction phases of a 100 MW EGS plant would produce 520 full-time, temporary jobs.

  • A 100 MW EGS power plant would create 70 full-time, permanent operation and maintenance jobs!

Job Transitioning
  • The transition of coal to geothermal takes advantage of existing infrastructure, and saves jobs in moving to a more sustainable future.

  • Existing coal plant or mine workers, engineers, and geologists would be slowly transitioned as the geothermal project is developed and operation increases, while the coal plant operation decreases.


Detailed Engineering Feasibility Study

Feasibility study would include a detailed engineering analysis of technical and economic potential for transition of coal to geothermal. Workforce transition potential includes education, training, and jobs assessment.



Plan the transition for selected site, including regulatory compliance, design engineering, workforce development and financing for full utility scale Coal to Geothermal Transition. Project development would include drilling, stimulation and testing of resource development wells, and power plant construction.


Expansion to
Utility Scale Project

Expand demonstration project to full-scale utility plant. This would include permitting, financing,
drilling, stimulation, testing, and plant construction. Coal plant (and mine if mine mouth plant is selected) workers would be trained for geothermal project development and operation.

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