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Benefits of Enhanced Geothermal Systems:
Carbon-Free Power Unlike Any Other
Renewable Energy Source

Geothermal energy technology produces renewable electric power and heat with no carbon dioxide (CO2) and minimal to no air emissions.

Transitioning to a Low Carbon Energy

The majority of power in the US comes from burning fossil fuels resulting in both air quality problems and massive greenhouse gas emissions contributing to the rise of global temperatures and climate change. All carbonfree power sources need to be developed to meet global demand and curb climate change impacts. Geothermal power is a carbon and emission free power source that can meet this mandate. Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) enables a much broader development of geothermal power through the US and the globe several orders of magnitude larger than natural geothermal sources.


Small Environmental Footprint
  • Drilling and site preparation involves small land disturbances, in fact several wells can be drilled from one 100 ft x 300 ft pad and the plant is only one-story high A large area below the surface is needed and EGS uses lower impact methods to develop and manage the underground reservoir.

  • Water used in the stimulation and operation of the EGS reservoir can be treated waste water from other industrial sources such as, coal fired power plants, treated sewage effluent or water produced during petroleum production.

  • Alternative working fluids such as CO2 to extract heat from the reservoir are under evaluation by HERO to minimize the use of water and possible sequester carbon No air emissions, no hazardous or toxic chemicals used or generated, no wastewater discharge.


Source: US Department of Energy

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