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Benefits of
Enhanced Geothermal Systems

  1. Utilizes improved methods to overcome the limitations of conventional geothermal power production.

  2. Safely and economically improves conditions at existing geothermal and coal power plants transitioning to geothermal energy production.

  3. Allows for development of new geothermal power plants in locations that were not previously viable.

Cost Competitive

A revolutionary new technology makes multi-zone EGS reservoirs possible, lowering the cost of geothermal power. These stacked reservoirs increase the amount of rock (and heat) that can be accessed from a single well.

Flexible Renewable Power

EGS involves environmentally friendly methods to both extract the earth’s heat and convert it to energy, with no carbon dioxide (CO2) or emissions of any kind.


Development of EGS plants
will create jobs, both during construction and long-term operation. In addition, the
transition of coal to geothermal takes advantage of existing infrastructure, means zero emissions with very low cost
to operate, can help manage
waste water and saves jobs
in moving to a more
sustainable future.

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