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What We Do

Hotrock Energy Research Organization (HERO) is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of power generation and impact to pristine landscapes by engaging in collaborative and transformative research into the science and technologies related to Enhanced Geothermal Systems and other advanced geothermal energy technologies. We educate the public on the importance of such research in addressing societal issues of energy supply and climate change.

HERO was established to further develop EGS and other advanced geothermal energy technologies, in an effort to help meet the world’s growing need for reliable, carbon-free renewable energy. EGS provides carbon-free energy with little landscape disturbance.

HERO engages and collaborates with leading geothermal scientists and engineers from academia, government, and private industry to conduct research at prime locations with high geothermal potential in the United States and in other areas of the world.

Education and Outreach

Research and Development

Facilitating Development

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