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Who We Are

HERO was founded in April of 2015 and received 501(3c) status in July of that year. The organization was founded by Susan Petty, a pioneer in geothermal energy, to further research into technologies that will improve the outcomes, reduce the costs and reduce the risks associated with development of geothermal energy projects. The Board of Directors consists of Susan Petty, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board, Timothy MacDonald, Jill Watz, Steven Klein and Britt Ide.


Susan Petty, Managing Director, President and Treasurer for HERO

Susan Petty is the Chief Technology Officer, President, and Co-founder of AltaRock Energy Inc. With more than 30 years of experience in the geothermal industry, Ms. Petty’s work has included all aspects of testing, evaluation, analysis, modeling and optimization for geothermal wells, well fields and power plants. She has also completed policy studies for state and federal agencies. Ms. Petty has worked on geothermal electrical generation projects in locations around the world, including California, Nevada, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Central America. Ms. Petty has worked with the Department of Energy in performing policy studies on the economic modeling of geothermal pricing, and the impact of technology improvement on the cost of geothermal power. She has been instrumental in developing information, planning and designing software for use in developing public policy in geothermal energy.

Jill Watz, Director and Secretary for HERO

Jill Watz has over 25 years of experience in energy and environmental technology, business and policy. She is the founder and Managing Director as Ascian Technology Advisors, an investment advisory firm focused on business strategy, technology development, operational management and financing for early and growth-stage companies in the energy technology and natural resource sector. She spent 7-years as a Venture Partner at Venture Capital and private Equity at Vulcan Capital and 10 years leading energy and national security research at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. She holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, an SM in Technology and Policy and and SM in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Britt Ide, Director for HERO

Britt Ide is an interdisciplinary executive and corporate board director with more than 25 years as an engineering, business and legal leader working with startups to Fortune 50 companies and their Boards of Directors. She has worked on all sides of energy issues including with associations (AGA, EPRI, EEI), industrial users (Boise Cascade), large commercial users (Albertsons), utilities (including Idaho Power, LA Department of Water & Power, PacifiCorp, and Columbia Gas), regulators and environmental groups. As President of Ide Energy & Strategy, Britt consults on energy policy, strategy and collaboration. She serves as a Clean Energy Ambassador for the US Department of Energy and is on the Fulbright Roster of Specialists. Governor Bullock appointed Britt to Montana’s Clean Power Plan Advisory Council. Britt also serves on the Northwestern Energy Infrastructure Advisory Council. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, an M.S. in Environmental Engineering and a J.D.

Steven Klein, Director for HERO

Steve Klein is a proven executive with more than 37 years of diversified experience in the energy industry. The SmartGrid News (February 10, 2014) referred to Mr. Klein as “one of our industry’s most progressive thinkers.” Mr. Klein has spoken before congressional and state energy and natural resource committees and is a highly sought after guest speaker. Klein is a recognized industry leader in the research, development and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy with noteworthy projects in energy storage, smart grid, demand response, and tidal, geothermal, wind, solar and low impact hydro generation. He is currently Board Chair and CEO of the CleanTech Alliance Washington. Previously he was General Manager of Snohomish County PUD on April 10, 2006. Before joining the PUD, he headed Tacoma Power. Mr. Klein is recognized for his expertise and vision with SmartGrid and the integration of advanced telecommunications technology with the electric delivery system. He is also a leader in the study and development of renewable energy, having been instrumental in the filing of the first permits for the study of tidal and geothermal power systems in the Puget Sound area.

Tim MacDonald, Director for HERO

Consultant to pension trusts, scholarly endowments, charitable foundations and family offices on the evergreen method of collaborative cash-flow equity investing for positive social impact and exemplary fiduciary performance. Leading research into Modern Portfolio Theory based standards of fiduciaries for society, as superfiduciaries, and the evolution of new standards of fiduciary prudence that are more fit for the purposes of these superfiduciaries and more right-for-our-times. Focused on the evergreen model of direct collaboration based on the proven reliable equity payback formulas commonly used by insurance companies when they make equity investments in real estate today.

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