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Some of the Earth's greatest landscapes are threatened by increased road construction, oil and gas exploration, and mining. HERO was established to conserve land and move geothermal technology forward through outreach, research and restoration.

While a handful of EGS projects are currently operating in other countries, EGS and other advanced geothermal energy technologies need further research, development, and support in order to meet the world’s growing need for reliable, carbon-free renewable energy.  HERO will engage and collaborate with leading geothermal scientists and engineers from academia, government, and private industry to conduct research at prime locations with high geothermal potential in the United States and in other areas of the world.   

Education and Outreach

HERO strives to provide education and outreach to the public and utility companies in an effort to increase the public awareness of the potential for EGS power. This includes education to develop competency in the technology as well the economics involved.

Research & Development

Some of HERO is conducting research and testing to demonstrate new technology and reduce the cost of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS). This includes examining the impact of improved EGS technology on the cost and, therefore, the areas where geothermal energy can be used.

Current EGS technology is capable of:

  • Drill wells to temperatures suitable for power generation

  • Fracture large volumes of rock > 2.5 km3

  • Drill into the fractured volume

  • Circulate cold water into the injector and retrieve it hot from producers

  • Generate power or directly use heat economically in some areas


We need to improve technology to expand where EGS is economic. This includes improving: stimulation methods to increase output of each well, drilling technology to reduce drilling costs; methods for reservoir management for long term use, and our understanding of resource characteristics.


HERO is also is performing detailed engineering feasibility studies into the potential for replacing a coal fired power plant with

Facilitate transition to EGS

The transition of coal to geothermal takes advantage of existing infrastructure, means zero emissions with very low cost to operate, and saves jobs in moving to a more sustainable future. Existing coal plant or mine workers, engineers, and geologists would be slowly transitioned as the geothermal project is developed and operation increases, while the coal plant operation decreases. 


Steps to Transition of Coal to Geothermal: Phased approach reduces risk. Transitions jobs.

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